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An Introduction To Buy To Let in Spain

buy to let spain

In this introduction, we are going to introduce you to the factors you need to consider before investing in a buy to let in Spain.


We will discuss:

  • why investing in a buy to let in Spain is a good idea
  • how to safely invest in a Spanish buy to let


In future articles we will look in more depth at the pros and cons of short and long term rentals; licences and legalities; and of course finances; calculating finances based on costs vs yield; property refurbishment; improving profitability; how to register a holiday rental in Spain; and the all-important licence of first occupation.

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So, for starters, why invest in buy to let in Spain? Or anywhere for that matter?


Investing in a buy to let is a popular option for many investors. It has a human element. We can see, touch and even manage and enjoy a property, unlike stocks and shares and even cryptocurrency.


Owning a buy to let in Spain means that not only have you invested your money in solid bricks and mortar, you also have something to enjoy with family and friends should you so wish. Provided you invest wisely, your investment will not only pay for itself over time but you will also have fun whilst doing so.  They haven’t created holidays in Cryptoland yet, have they?


Why Spain?


We promise to keep this part short. However, after almost thirty years of living here, we are still very much in love with this place and am happy to speak to you in person if you are having any doubts about buying a place here.


In short: the climate, the culture, the food, the scenery, the people … there, we kept it to the point!


Spain is currently one of the fastest growing countries in the eurozone. Tourism is simply booming in southern Spain. Demand in both the short term and long term rental market in the popular areas such as the Malaga province and the Costa del Sol far outweighs supply.


Why is there a shortage of rental properties in southern Spain?


  • Long Term Rentals: People from all over the world are relocating to southern Spain. Malaga and the Costa del Sol continue to be the preferred destinations for young professionals, families and wealthier retirees. Flexible working conditions allow more people to work from home or travel freely. Excellent international education options attract families from all around the world. People relocating often choose to rent before they buy, ensuring they have the ideal location before financially investing. Long term rental contracts are generally 11 months (we will look at this in more detail in a later article).
  • Short Term Rentals:  In a nutshell, tourism. The trend towards independent travel has lead to a boom in private rentals via websites such as  Airbnb and Owners Direct. This has allowed property owners to benefit, particularly those with properties in sought after locations. The fact that short-term holiday rentals are now tightly regulated in Andalucia has instilled confidence in the local holiday rental market.


So, southern Spain is in high demand, but how do you safely invest in a buy to let in Spain?


As with any financial investment, research is the key to success. Take your time, ask questions, do your calculations and do not be afraid to ask for help. Seek the advice of financial and tax specialists, start with your own accountant, let them do the sums. Then, simply contact us and we will show you how.


At Buyer’s Agent Spain, we are totally independent. We are not estate agents. We work for you, the buyer. We will ensure that your investment in a buy to let in Spain is a profitable one.


3 Initial Tips for investing in a buy to let in Spain:


Before even thinking about location or property type, think about money!

The amount of money you want to invest and the return on investment you want to achieve will help determine your ideal location and also the type of property you should invest in.

If you require a mortgage to finance the investment, you need to ensure rental income will cover these costs as well as running expenses. As a guide, initially, aim for a 4 – 7% annual return on your investment.


Head vs heart!

If you are buying purely for investment your head must lead the decision-making process. However, if the property is also for personal use, a happy balance is required. As your personal property finder, we will ensure both your head and heart are kept in the right place.


Decide who are your ideal tenants!

As with any business, understanding who is your ideal customer is a key to success. Ensuring your Spanish rental property appeals to your ideal tenant will ensure you achieve the income you desire. Do you want long or short term tenants? Each has their advantages and disadvantages. We will look in this at more detail in a future article.


So, there you have it, a short but sweet introduction to the factors you need to consider before investing in a buy to let in Spain.  If you haven’t already done so, ensure you SIGN UP for updates and receive this essential information in your inbox as it is published.

To Read Next: Short term vs long term rentals in Spain.


¡Hasta pronto!

Lisa & Louise

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Top Three Reasons for Investing in a Holiday Home in Cadiz

Are you thinking of investing in a holiday home in Spain?

Are you looking for somewhere to spend quality time with family and friends? Maybe hoping to earn rental income too?

Are you imagining expanses of golden beaches, glistening seas, clear blue skies and hours of sunshine? Or feeling the adrenaline of hiking, paragliding, mountain adventures and watersports?

How about the cuisine? Maybe the smell of freshly cooked fish and other tantalising local delicacies? Multicoloured, locally grown fruit and vegetable or locally produced meat?

For years I have been singing the praises of Cadiz and the Costa de la Luz. It is one of the still yet to be really discovered coasts in Spain for foreign visitors. I do believe that now is the ideal time for investing in a holiday home in Cadiz.

A paradise for beach lovers, foodies, nature lovers and action and adventurers alike, this stunning part of Spain is growing in popularity with not only Spaniards but travellers from all around the globe.

Not surprisingly, Cadiz features in the recently published New York Times, Top 52 places to visit in 2019.



One of Europe’s oldest cities is new again. At the tip of a peninsula thrust into the Atlantic, the city of Cádiz, a trading hub since 1100 B.C., has a vibe that’s more Havana than Madrid. A culinary renaissance is currently underway, with newcomers like Saja River and Codigo de Barra joining classics like El Faro. But the biggest gastronomic news lies across the bay in Puerto de Santa Maria, where Angel León’s Aponiente, which now has three Michelin stars, offers a lyric poem to seafood (plankton risotto). A second León restaurant, Alevante,in nearby Sancti Petri just received its first star. Twenty minutes inland, Jerez de la Frontera is a cradle of the fortified wines known as sherry, which are now on the hot list of sommeliers and the craft-cocktail crowd. Wineries include Díez-Mérito,Lustau and Bodegas Tradición, with its stellar collection of Spanish art. Beyond the cities, hilltop white villages like Vejer de la Frontera lure expats with a blend of hip luxury hotels and art by the likes of Olafur Eliasson at NMAC sculpture garden. Add a stretch of Atlantic shore, and the province of Cádiz ticks all the boxes.

writes Andrew Ferren.


With property prices in some areas, particularly those with easy proximity to the beach, well below those of the Costa del Sol, with careful research, your money will go further. I personally recently purchased a 3 bedroom detached villa within 500 metres of the beautiful La Barrosa Beach for the cost of a 3 bedroom apartment here in the Costa del Sol.

Our refurbished holiday home in Sancti Petri, Cadiz. 500 meters from the famous La Barrosa beach!
I am not saying it is easy to find such deals but with our network of contacts, here at Buyer’s Agent Spain, we will find you a holiday home in Cadiz that you will love, in a location that you will not want to leave!


I could spend hours telling you why Cadiz is a wonderful place, illuminated by clear skies natural light and sunshine, fragranced by delicious foods and decorated by white sand beaches, pine forests and green valleys,  but you will see that for yourself simply by looking at photographs and comments on the internet. Simply google Cadiz or Costa de la Luz and see for yourself … But I am not here to sell you the location, I am here to explain why I believe you should consider investing in a holiday home in Cadiz.

So, lifestyle and dreams aside, what are my Top 3 reasons for investing in a holiday home in Cadiz?


Plots and Refurbishment Opportunities:

There are still many opportunities to purchase plots to build your ideal home and properties that need updating and even rebuilding. Needless to say, this is a great way to create a holiday home to your own taste and, in many cases, make a profit on your original purchase. (Read our articles on refurbishment properties in Spain)

It is essential to do your research before investing in such projects as land laws can be complicated in this area, with some built up regions still not having the correct licences in place. Our legal team will ensure all licences are in place before you spend any money. (Legalities and checks stage).


Coastal Locations

Unlike in many areas of Spain, the Costa de la Luz still offers opportunities at affordable prices within easy reach of the beautiful coastline. One of the most exciting options is the possibility to purchase a plot of land and build your own home to your personal taste. I can recommend local trade people and will personally oversee your project if this is what you choose to do.


Shortage of Holiday Rentals in Summer Months

In many coastal areas, there is a shortage of supply of rental properties, particularly in the summer months. In inland areas and Cadiz Capital, there has been an increase in rental demand all year round. as a result, higher rental prices are easy to achieve. I’m sure Rick Stein has something to do with this 😉 Thanks to the mild year-round climate, a holiday can be enjoyed at any time. If revenue generation is a priority for you, renting out the property in the summer months and enjoying it yourself at other times of the year is a profitable venture. (Read our articles on calculating rental prices and profits).

Believe me, I could go on and on about this but I know that attention spans are short and reading an article on the web is nothing like seeing the reality, so what are you waiting for?


We look forward to helping you find your ideal holiday home in Cadiz in 2019!


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5 factors that will depict the Spanish property market in 2019.

In 2019, the Spanish property market will continue to be dynamic and wide-ranging, with lots of opportunity for investment. Various experts agree that this is due to the continued improvement and growth of the Spanish economy.

The Spanish property market is forecast to be one of the Eurozone’s best markets in terms of growth, particularly in the residential property sector.

In this article, we will look at 5 factors that will determine the Spanish property market in 2019…


An increase in sales

price increaseAccording to the general director of Compracasa, Toni Expósito, housing transactions will continue to increase in 2019, although they will do so at a slower pace compared to 2018. This will lead the market to experience a “certain stabilization”. A factor influenced by the demand of younger buyers to step onto the property ladder. According to Gonzalo Bernardos, economist and professor at the University of Barcelona, younger buyers will enter the property market due to “the rise in wages, high rental values and increased bank financing “.


A moderation of prices *(in some areas of the country)

spanish property pricesIn 2019, housing prices will continue to rise. Although they will, in the opinion of Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores Inmobiliarios, rise at a “gentler” pace compared to recent years. Corral argues that in some places in Spain housing values have already reached their ceiling “and are at the limit of the capacity of homebuyers “. The same opinion is shown by Jesús Duque, vice president of Alfa Inmobiliaria, who believes home prices need to be moderated, to instil an advantage and tranquility in the current increasing market. 

(Note: It would be interesting to know which areas they are referring to here as prices continue to rise in areas popular with foreign buyers)


The second-hand market will be the flagship

house for saleMost professionals agree that it’s the second-hand housing market that continues to be the rudder that will steer the sector in the coming months. According to Corral, this is due to the fact that in many areas of the country, “there is no possibility for new builds, given that there is no land available”.

This shortage is also due to the added difficulties for promoters to obtain building licenses, comments Duque; who denies that the new build sector “is going to be an excessively dynamic market” in 2019.

Gonzalo Bernardos is of the same opinion. He emphasized the difficulties that the promotor sector will go through. “Whilst banks continue to decline financing for new promotions, the demand for pre-sales drops between 50-70%. Essentially strangling the new build market.”


The importance of the foreign buyer

spanish property buyerIn 2019, Spain will remain an object of desire for the foreign buyer. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Developments, during the first nine months of 2018 Spanish property market transactions by foreign buyers increased by 5.7%, reaching 66,575 operations. Expósito predicts that this trend will carry on into 2019, as foreign buyers continue to acquire residential properties in Spain, “either as an investment, vacation home or retirement place”. A behaviour that should be welcomed in his opinion, “especially on the Costa del Sol, in the Levant region and in both archipelagos”.


New locations for investors

In 2019, investors are expected to occupy a smaller percentage of the Spanish property market. (In 2017, they accounted for 55% of demand). A change in their behaviour is also expected. It is possible that investors will shift their sights from prime areas, already demanding prime prices, to “worst areas of big cities”. This is expected in not only Madrid and Barcelona but in other cities such as Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Granada or Vitoria.


These five factors were originally published in an article in Spanish on Pisos.com

spanish property

Are you ready to find your ideal property in southern Spain?


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Case Study One: From China to Spain

Lars & Emma, property owners in Alhaurin El Grande.


How we found our dream home in Spain, obtained residency and paid less than planned!

In 2017, Lars and his wife decided to relocate from Shenzhen, China to Andalusia, Spain. Lars’s wife is Hong Kong-born, and he is Danish.  They have both lived in Hong Kong and China for the last 31 years. They had visited Andalusia a couple of times to see whether they would like to live in Southern Spain. They found the climate, food, the people, and lifestyle to their liking.

Having made the decision to move to Andalusia, they searched the internet for companies which could assist us with the process of relocation. This is how they came across our Spain Property Finder Service.

“We cannot say THANK YOU enough, to Lisa and Louise for all the efforts and help to make our Spanish property purchase and relocation to Southern Spain smooth and effortless.”

Discover the steps we took to secure our dream home in Spain sooner than expected, obtained residency and by spending less money!

Comments from Lars:


  • I had originally planned to spend a larger amount of money in order to qualify for the Golden Visa residency route, however thanks to Lisa’s advice and knowledge I opted for the Residency In Spain as non-EU Spouse of an EU Resident route.
  • Lisa and Louise helped negotiate a price that we were happy with and then it was over to their recommended lawyers to get the paperwork started to complete the purchase of the property. This process proceeded effortlessly.
  • Their network of contracts is second to none, we cannot stress enough, the importance of being able to tap into this network of contacts to facility smooth execution of any relocation to Southern Spain.

Challenges / Restrictions particular to this property search:

  • Time restrictions

As Lars and his wife were relocating from Asia to Spain, thorough research, detailed preparation and efficient use of time were of the essence.

  • Spanish Golden Visa application requirements

Lars was considering the Golden Visa residency application route as he thought that was the easiest way for his wife to obtain residency in Spain. This involved spending a minimum of €500.000 on a property. However, the property they fell in love was cost less than this amount.

Buyer’s Agent Spain’s Solutions: 7 Simple Steps!


1.The Brief

We contacted Lisa to find out how the process would work. After the initial email contact, Lisa arranged a Skype video call, in order to find out more about my wife and I, as well as what we would be looking for, i.e. moving to Southern Spain permanently, or just living here for some months of the year, whether we were looking to rent a place to live in or whether to purchase our own property? If we were looking to purchase a property, what would we want the property to include.’

2. The Research

After some correspondence back and forth where our requirements were narrowing and focusing on what we were looking for. Lisa then started to send various suggestions of properties in the Malaga area. We also looked at various property sites, to see what was available.

3.The Visits

Having narrowed the search down to a couple of locations, my wife and I booked our “exploration” flight from Asia to Andalusia. The day after we arrived Lisa and Louise came to our hotel for a quick chat before we started to look at properties. And off we went! Lisa and Louise had arranged local property agents to show a number of available properties. The first day we saw about 6 or 7 different properties in the Alhaurin el Grande/Coin area, one of which immediately caught our attention. The second day we saw another couple of properties, with a different property agent, one of these properties was outstanding, but a bit remote. Having seen about 10 different properties in different locations we decided to select one of the properties we had seen on the first day.

4. Negotiation

Having settled on this particular property, Lisa and Louise helped negotiate a price that we were happy with.

5. Legalities

Then it was over to their recommended lawyers to get the paperwork started to complete the purchase of the property. This process proceeded effortlessly. Since I am an EU citizen, but my wife is not, the lawyers will also handle our residency registration. Again this is proceeding smoothly. I had originally planned to spend a larger amount of money in order to qualify for the Golden Visa residency route, however thanks to Lisa’s advice and knowledge I opted for the Residency In Spain as non-EU Spouse of an EU Resident route.

6. Completion

Everything went smoothly and we received the keys to our dream home in Spain a mere TWO months from the day of our first visit!

7. The Beginning …

As new citizens to Spain we also needed to arrange medical insurance coverage,  Lisa and Louise handed us over to an excellent insurance broker, who can handle all types of insurance, i.e. medical, house, car, and other insurances which might be required. We asked Lisa and Louise whether they could recommend any person or company who could handle this for us. Since the floor in the house was already laid, this would be a major renovation project, as the existing floor would have to be removed, under floor heating/cooling to be installed, and a new floor installed. The renovations of the house are now nearing completion, and everything is looking very good. And we will be very nice and warm during the coming winter months. Due to all the renovations, garden design, alarm installation etc. we will only move into our property by the end of June. Consequently, we needed a place to call “home” for about 6 weeks, Lisa and Louise came through big time on this as well. Recommending a holiday home company in Alhaurin el Grande! Here we found a wonderful small Finca just outside town, which we can highly recommend to others whom might be staying short term in Alhaurin el Grande. When you purchase a property in Spain you also need to register with the local town hall, in our case Alhaurin el Grande, Louise arranged this and went with us to the town hall to assist with the necessary paperwork and Spanish if required. This registration is called Alta de Padron, and you need this certificate for residency registration if you purchase a car, and possibly other matters as well. Louise assisted us in arranging Internet/TV/and Phone connections, purchase a car, and other practical matters.


“We highly recommend anybody looking to purchase property and  relocate to Southern Spain to contact Lisa and Louise, to ensure the move goes smoothly.”

Lars & Emma, property owners in Alhaurin el Grande

Save time and money by reserving your bespoke property finder service.


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